Hardware and Software Requirements

  • Hardware Required:

    70 MB of available hard-disk space

  • 1600×900 or higher resolution display

  • 2 GB of RAM (4 GB or higher recommended)

  • Operating Systems Supported:

    Windows® XP, Windows® 7, Windows® 8, Windows® 10

  • Operating System Software Required:

    Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

  • System Software Required:

    Enterprise Architect 9.3, 10, 11 or 12 with support for the ArchiMate® 2.0 standard

Version History

  • Changes

    NEAT installer no longer signed due to high cost of the certificate

    Both meta-object instances and meta-connector instances inherit their display names from their parents (meta-objects / meta-connectors)


    Coherent approach to meta-connector instances as for meta-object instances - neat-checker works properly for marked items connected via meta-connector instances

  • Changes

    Freeware End User License Agreement for commercial and noncommercial use of NEAT


    Slow loading and refreshing of the master-detail panels

    Incorrect servicing of the Pivot panel when the neat-checker column is selected in a Grid Panel

    Filtering on a neat-checker column

  • Changes

    Changes GUI control for the Note property and Tagged Value Type (type=memo) columns

    Adds the ability to adjust the row height to the cell content (new context menu option)

    Adds the ability to print the content of the Connectors window

  • Changes

    The installer supports Sparx Enterprise Architect 12

  • Changes

    Adds distinct count summary for the Pivot panel

    Improves the outer join mechanism in the Pivot panel

    Modifies the internal implementation of the "Load Metadata" window


    Fixes the problem of incorrect display of the print Pivot window for a Grid panel

  • Fixes

    Fixes the problem of disappearances of the "Load Metadata" window

  • Changes

    Adds a new pivot panel type that allows you to perform analytical tasks (just set up tag [neat::UIControl] of your panel on Pivot value)


    Fixes the problem with tag cancel edit

    Fixes the problem with connector ad hoc tag update

  • Fixes

    Fixes issue with overlapping the main popup menu with a grid control popup menu

  • Changes

    Many performance improvements

    Many engine improvements

    The Add Object Form allows you to add 1..10 object copies

    New version of the GUI controls

  • Changes

    Offers signed installer, so you do not feel discomfort during the installation process

  • Changes

    Allows you to perform fast asynchronous Create, Update and Delete operations (see new popup menu item)

    Supports Firebird database (.feap file)


    Fixes the problem of missing Reference Data (Tagged Value Types) in the metadata of the trial version

    Fixes the problem of unpleasant start of neat on not supported database

  • Changes

    Supports Sparx Enterprise Architect 11


    Fixes issue with ad hoc tags in MasterDetail mode

    Fixes issue with formatting the datetime columns when the datetime format changes in real-time

  • Go-Live

    The first version of archiSpark neat has been deployed. Try it out.