• archiSpark neat is add-in software for Sparx Enterprise Architect making your everyday enterprise management tasks more agile and smoother
    • It allows for the modeling of architectures in data grids, while maintaining full control of the ArchiMate® 2.1 metamodel
    • archiSpark neat lets you see more than just what is located on the diagram
    • archiSpark neat is simply "Neat Enterprise Architecture Tool" (NEAT)
    • Modeling enterprise architecture ends with the drawing of pictures
    • There are more artifacts than the proverbial 5+/-2
    • You are better at managing enterprise architecture in electronic spreadsheets than in graphical modeling tools
    • You would like to combine the capabilities of the spreadsheet with those of the graphical modeling tool
    • You would like to use Sparx Enterprise Architect, during your daily work, in a broader scope than now
    • Save time modeling enterprise architecture in data grids
    • Manage data in a simple and controlled way in the meta-model ArchiMate® 2.1 or another meta-model of your choice
    • Create diagrams using Sparx Enterprise Architect, visualizing only those things which are relevant
    • Without changing a very good architecture modeling and managing platform that is Sparx Enterprise Architect, customize it to fit your needs
  • What is NEAT

  • When use it

  • Why use it

NEAT makes your daily work more pleasant

Enterprise architecture is an everyday discipline. However, most of the modeling tools don't let you focus on your daily tasks but rather on creating diagrams. archiSpark neat connects the best-known architecting software Sparx Enterprise Architect with an easy method of managing large amount of business data. Thanks to NEAT you can carry out your work on a daily basis using Sparx Enteprise Architect with pleasure and stop feeling discomfort everytime you need to do anything using spreadsheets or the Sparx Enterprise Architect modeling tool. That's why archiSpark neat is not just another add-in. It's a tool for performing your everyday activities.


  • Full cooperation with Sparx Enterprise Architect
  • Business data analytics
  • Business data controlled by your metamodel
  • Business data orientation with the use of viewpoints
  • Full implementation of the ArchiMate® 2.1 metamodel
  • Simple way of defining your own viewpoints
  • Business data trimmed to fit your needs
  • High performance UI Controls
  • Tracing the connections of the model objects through the metamodel
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